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Thank you so much for an amazing experience! you really made our engagement day more than we could of wished for :)

Felicia Haigh

Very nice people and a great experience!

Adam Rodgers

Fantastic Birthday present! Michael and Jess made sure we had a great flight, over our house and all around where we live. Couldn't recommend this experience any higher. Worth every cent. Thanks guys.

Gary Crawford

The team very generously welcomed our community preschool into the hangar to view their helicopters. What a treat! Thank you!!

Shae Bleakley

Fantastic fight, service superb, and the overall package worth every cent. 

Kevin Markey

​Great help with the images and video's from Lismore floods folks, Thanks from the people of Lismore!!!

Hugo Noyens

​Yes we found all the photos amazing of the vast area you covered of the Lismore flood. We didn't have to leave home to see what was going on below us either. Great camera work, thanks to you all.

June Cornell

​Great experience best ever will be going back again even mt 8year old daughter loves it and said she wants to fly one when she is old enough thanks for everything hope little boy Huey is going well!

Jason Parrent

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