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Our Fleet

Bell UH-1 'Super B'

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Helicopter roles:

Fire fighting/ Water bombing - 1,400L cloud burst bucket on 100' Longline.

Heavy Lifting/ Aerial Crane - Precision lift of 1,500kg at most locations in Australia. 

Significant Modifications: 

Composite Tail Rotor Blades increasing tail rotor effectiveness. 
Upgraded -13 engine providing up to 1,400 hp.

Upgraded 48' disc, significantly increasing performance.

Extended book to allow for larger blades.

Tail Boom Strake Kit increasing tail rotor effectiveness. 

206 Jet Ranger

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Helicopter Roles:

Charter flights

Joy flights

Aerial photography

Survey work and more.

Passengers: 4 + Pilot
Cruise Speed: 100Kts


An all round performer, the Bell 206 is one of the safest aircraft ever built.

Robinson R44

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Helicopter Roles:




Aerial Crane lifting - (Up to approx 300kg)


Passengers: 3

Cruise speed: 100 -110 Kts

Endurance: 2.5-3 Hours

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