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Aerial Crane

Helicopter Aerial Crane or 'Sling Load' Operations is one of the most under estimated capabilities of Helicopters in Australia. 

With aircraft capable of lifting up to 1,600kg with precision placement in a fraction of the time that traditional methods take, Helicopters are often in and out with the job done before the crane is on the trailer.

Rotorwing operates a number of aircraft that cater to a range of potential lifting jobs.

With smaller and cheaper helicopters that are capable of lifting smaller items up to 300kg all the way up to athe UH-1 payload of 1,600 kg, we have the solution for you.

Water tanks, Pools, Air-con, machinery, equipment, building supplies and materials, anything is possible.

Quotes are free, so give us a Call on 0400 567 062 or email

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