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Rotorwing Helicopters Pty. Ltd.

Rotorwing Helicopters is a family owned and operated business offering a full range of scenic, charter and aerial work services from its base at Lismore Airport, New South Wales.


We are a friendly and enthusiastic team that aims to offer every client with the highest possible level of service. 

Visitors are more than welcome at the hangar so come down and say hello!


​Rotorwing currently has two UH-1 series aircraft in its fire fighting fleet. The 'Huey' is widely acknowledged as the best 'bang for your buck' fire fighting aircraft and continues to deliver the highest level of service after nearly 60 years of operations! Operating 1,400L Cloudburst style buckets with 100/150 ft Long-lines, we service QLD and NSW for fire operations over the season. 

Rotorwing operates a number of aircraft that cater to a range of potential lifting jobs. With smaller and cheaper helicopters that are capable of lifting smaller items up to 300kg all the way up to the UH-1 payload of 1,600 kg, we have the solution for you. Water tanks, Pools, Air-con, machinery, equipment, building supplies and materials, anything is possible. Quotes are free, so give us a Call on 0400 567 062 or fill out the contact form below.

Rotorwing Helicopters offers an experienced team of pilot's and crew for Aerial Surveillance & Data Collection. With years of experience and knowledge paired with modern technology we are able to provide a range of services to suit, this include but is not limited to, marine survey, mapping, and property survey. 

If you would like to see for yourself what the stunning hinterland and coastline look like from the air, then we have the flight for you. We are pleased to offer a range of Scenic and Charter flight options to suit any budget or occasion. For more information please visit the Scenic & Charter flight page. 

​Rotorwing Helicopters is now facilitating Agricultural Operations! With two aircraft setup for Seeding and Fert work, we have a small bucket capable of carting 150kg of seed as well as a large bucket for our UH-1 Huey that is loaded with 1 tonne bags. Due to wide spread demand, Rotorwing is also looking to the future at providing an option for spraying, stay tuned! 

​Rotorwing Helicopters has extensive experience in aerial photography and strive to get photographers in the perfect position to get their shot.  With 'Doors Off' operations standard procedure, we ensure the entire team is briefed on the objective of the flight so that the very best photos can be obtained in the most efficient manner possible.  Whether it be land, crops, house, land marks or something completely different we are able to accommodate and can provide you with a quote today!

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